Shiftless Layabout

Layin' It Down Eight Days A Week



November 2017 Listen, you turkeys, we've barely just recovered from Blackout Friday, so give us a minute to wipe the dried cranberry sauce off our beards and peel ourselves off the couch.

Look at that, we're already wearing our Santa suits. (Likely that we simply never took them off after last year's bender. No wonder we were so sweaty in August.) No doubt this is a signal to consume some holiday spirits as we're consumed by the holiday spirit. With that in mind, we're psyched to return to the most stylish room in town: The Musiquarium at the Triple Door.

Jingle along wth us and buy us a round of nog. C'mon. Just one round of nog. C'mon. Nog.


But enough about us. You. Yes, you. You're stunning. Git over here, so I kin KISSYA. On the lips.

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SHIFTLESS LAYABOUT: Layin' It Down Eight Days A Week
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