Shiftless Layabout

Brass Dynamite!
Photos courtesy of Christopher Nelson and Jason Fukura. Cool!
Get Your Funk On...
  • Saturday, 5/21/17 - 4:15pm - University District Street Fair We love this street fair, and by our calculations, we've played this street fair 34 times in the last 25 years. But we've never been good at math, especially when we have to wake up early, like 4:15pm. It's so early, it's still light out!
  • Friday, 6/6/17 - 9pm - Musiquarium at the Triple Door - Free! We love this place, and we'll be groovin' late into the night. Funk jams in stylish digs - that's a good time right there.
Need to hear that sweet-ass funk?
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